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Ventura Advisors is a fee-only wealth advisory firm that combines prudent investment management and custom financial planning to enable its clients to identify and achieve their goals. As fiduciaries, we are dedicated to putting your interests first. We first learn about your current situation, your personal aspirations and hopes for your loved ones, and your expected resources and obligations. We then craft and execute a unique strategy that is tailored to your situation.

We understand that during the course of our relationship, your circumstances will change. Therefore, we will monitor your situation over time and adjust our strategy as appropriate. We are available to you on an ongoing basis to help you make the financial decisions that you periodically arise. Our only compensation comes from you, so you are assured that our recommendations are unbiased and motivated solely by our desire to do what's best for you.

We use institutional investment techniques in executing our strategy, and your portfolio is deliberately crafted with investments that are generally unavailable to the public. Ventura Advisors' investement portfolios are based on the theories of Nobel prize-winning economists, and consists of assets that are chosen for their ability to increase your expected return and/or lower overall portfolio risk.

Foremost, we believe in managing risk. Assuming too much risk may result in intolerable losses, and assuming too little risk may provide insufficient growth. We are cognizant of fees, because we belive that fees ultimately reduce investment returns and retard the growth of your assets. We are mindful of tax-efficiency, because the longer that you defer paying taxes, the longer your dollars grow for you.

With practical experience managing investment portfolios, working with charitable trusts, and analyzing investment real estate, our staff is uniquely qualified to offer financial advice and provide investment management services to individuals, trustees, and small institutional clients.

To learn how Ventura Advisors' investment process can help you achieve your goals, please contact us.

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